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(five-axis machining center) (high-end five-axis machining center)

The ULI five-axis machining center U series is a five-axis machining center that is ahead of the international level. It has an internationally advanced design of the bed structure, which is processed after two high-precision machining after stress annealing at high temperature.

The automatic alarm function allows you to reduce the risk of collisions during operation, while the ULI five-axis machining center also has explosion-proof functions.

The pressure protection function greatly improves the safety factor of the operation, so that you no longer have to worry about when you operate the machine!

The ULI high-end five-axis machining center has an automatic lubrication function, which can effectively reduce the mechanical wear, reduce the hidden dangers of the machine, increase the service life of the machine, and

ensure a stable mechanical structure for 15 years.


The -澳门新威尼斯人网址ULI five-axis machining center can reach a speed of 60 meters/minute.

Multi-style workpiece clamping, whether it is a solid wood processing or a variety of food processing, can be applied to a variety of industries, to give you the most high-end five-axis machining center experience.

Standard configuration

The ULI five-axis machining center has-7375.com

Italy OSAI five axis control system

Italy AC swing head, 7.5KW, 12KW, 18KW, 45KW optional

Eight tool magazine bucket type tool change system

Schneider Electric

Japan THK screw and guide rail

German Henrian rack

German Rittal Electric Control Cabinet

Constant temperature air conditioner

Japan Yaskawa Servo System

Select the original force, is to choose-威尼斯网址-www.0727.com success!