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A: The intensity should be great.
The important factor in the influence of the engraving machine is the spindle motor power. The general power is more than three kilowatts. The aspects that affect the strength of the engraving machine include the drive motor and driver of the original force engraving machine, and these accessories also affect the price of the original force engraving machine.
2銆?speed faster.
In the modern processing industry, what is required is speed, that is, to consider the effectiveness of processing. In the premise of being able to reach the speed can be as fast as possible, but also consider the use of the machine life. High-quality original engraving machine equipment Large stepper motor Servo motor, large drive, while ensuring a long time of rapid processing, the drive system will not be hot, and will not exceed the load of the engraving machine.
3銆?Accuracy must be accurate.
Accuracy is an important parameter for testing the original force engraving machine. The original force engraving machine also guarantees high stability and high precision while ensuring high-speed machining. This is not an easy task, but it is a necessary talent for a high-quality engraving machine. To the degree of consumption of the engraving machine manufacturers, both carving and cutting must reach a good position for a long time, and the engraving is smooth and straight.
4銆?The structure is reasonable and the bed is stable.
The bed of the original force engraving machine is just like the foundation of the house. It must be firmly and not deformed. The lean carving machine tool body is solved through vibration aging, and it is not deformed securely, ensuring that the temporary application can maintain excellent performance.