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How to use the engraving machine to appear the following situations, we can try the following operations:-澳门威尼斯人备用网址
1. If the downward pressure on the sculptured object is large, consider whether or not you can use a taper knife. If the engraving machine diamond head moves too much pressure during the engraving process, the pressure on the front of the tool will form a carved object. mobile. If you use an incorrect sculpting knife, it will cause the same problem. A 90- or 100-degree diamond knives will deeply engrave the data and cause the data to move in the course of being carved.
2. Check if the selected pliers or clips can be used wrongly? At the same time, the wear condition of the engraver's pliers or clips can also lead to misalignment of the carved objects. If the pliers or clips of the woodworking engraving machine are too tight, the ejected objects may be caused at the moment when the cutter head contacts the carved objects.


3. Because the engraving machine is often equipped with multi-purpose pliers or chucks, and they are iron, and thus easily damage the sculptured objects or make it slide in the course of engraving, in the use of mold engraving machine should pay special attention. So choose some rubber caps or rubber tubes for fixing the carved objects will help.
4. Regarding the engraving of the plastic pattern, the transfer tape can be af to the reverse side of the carved object. The computer engraving machine then sprays the adhesive tape on one side of the tape and applies it on a surface that can be processed. This can prevent the use of double-sided tape. While leaving a hard-to-clean appearance. Because the tape is easily peeled off and liquidated. Using special sculpted tape, this tape is more viscous on one side than on the other, so the plate can be easily moved or replaced.-155.net-澳门新威尼斯人网址

5. Regarding those unruly carved objects, they seem to have been tightly on the outside, and they are also shaken back and forth when under pressure. At this time, you can try to put some scrap on the object to add friction. In addition, the engraving machine saves the packaging of the item itself. Although the object is irregular, the packaging itself can be very regular and easy to be , plus a small strip of irregularly shaped objects. It is easily . Maybe try out the tools to fix their rules and discard their irregular parts.
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