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Carving machine maintenance method-77927.COM-澳门威斯尼斯龙虎

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Everyone knows that the engraving machine must be maintained. This is like buying a good car. As a result, if you do not cherish or care for it, the car will soon be in trouble! It is possible that it will break down halfway down the road! The engraving machine needs maintenance, especially the spindle motor. The engraving machine is a very fragile part and requires daily maintenance!-77927.COM

The maintenance work that we usually do is important to clean and tidy, this watch is all small things, but it plays a great role in extending the life of the spindle motor! The spindle motor of the engraving machine is a component that wears out every day. The spindle is the most important for opening the engraving machine. The spindle is related to the precision of the machining. To extend the life of the engraving machine spindle, it is necessary to provide an excellent working environment through maintenance. The daily maintenance of the spindle motor should start from the following aspects!
(1) To develop a good understanding of the maintenance of the engraving machine, for the spindle motor, the operator must have a certain familiarity with the structure and production technology of the engraving machine, and then it is necessary to develop a shutdown near the main shaft. The miscellaneous habits! Weekly maintenance and maintenance. If this habit is developed, the most important maintenance operation of the engraving machine spindle motor is done!
(2) The operator shall use a vacuum cleaner to rectify the scraps on the rotor end and the motor terminal of the spindle motor after the daily operation to avoid accumulation of waste debris on the guide rails. This will make it easier for the engraving machine to jam during operation. Into the bearing to increase the operating load of the spindle will greatly impair the wear of the spindle and the deceleration high-speed bearing; avoid the waste debris entering the connection port of the wiring, causing the motor to be short-circuited and the host is damaged.-澳门威尼vn99am-澳门威斯尼斯龙虎
(3) Each time the tool is installed and exchanged, the operator must request to unscrew the clamp head. It is not possible to change the tool by directly inserting and removing the tool.
(4) It is also important to remember that this habit operator must clean the tool, chuck and pressure cap when he is on the knife! This detail is done, the life of the engraving machine spindle motor can be greatly extended!
(5) After starting the machine every day, the operator must check the working status of the cooling liquid of the motor. Check if the pump is leaking due to normal operation. Check whether the cooling water is scavenged by scales or microorganisms. Check whether the pipeline status is normal. , must seek to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water! It is forbidden for the operator to close the spindle motor while operating the spindle motor of the engraving machine so that no coolant flows through the spindle! The engraving machine can only be turned off under normal cooling conditions, otherwise it will seriously damage the engraving machine's cooling system. If the water pipe has a poor flow or dirt blocking the pipe, it will cause the spindle motor to fail to work properly, and will affect the processing and use.-9778澳门威尼斯人
Apply the spindle motor according to the specifications! Doing this is the best maintenance. The original force CNC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in engraving machine, edge banding machine, cabinet cutting machine, research and development, production, and repairing high-speed spindles and components. It has a strong research and development, consumption, sales and After-sales service professional team. Qitepei repair technology and supporting export consumption, testing equipment, supply diversified, all-round quality service, to create the best quality.