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  ULI CNC (ShanghaiCo., Ltd is a professional manufacturing factory that integrates research and development, production and sales of computer numerical control engraving and cutting equipment. Located in the state-level development zone, Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, since its establishment, Shanghai ULI has succeeded in software CAD/CAM, CNC control systems,precision mechanical design and fine composite engraving and cutting system engineering, and has truly achieved scientific and technological productivity!

   The ULI is a benchmarking company in the industry. Its products are sold worldwide. Every quarter, we have new products available!

   ULI is committed to improving your company's production process and changing the world!

Technological innovation is the basis for our development

  Shanghai ULI has a professional and high-level R&D team with rich inspection. From CAM software, CNC control system to

precise mechanical design, it strives to achieve the leading level in the industry, which enables Shanghai Force to achieve 

outstanding sales in the global market.-威尼斯人vn5002cc

Rich product structure

   By 2013, the company's products had 22 series of 48 model products, mainly fine engraving machines,-澳门威尼斯mj电子游戏下载 large cutting machines, 

three-dimensional engraving machines, machining centers,Metal engraving machine, large gantry machining center, five-axis 

machining center, laser engraving and cutting machine, cell phone engraving machine, medical device engraving machine,

robot processing center, etc.

Perfect service system

    Shanghai Force will first understand your needs, help you choose the right production solution, and then determine the 

best fit. Then a professional engineer will provide you with software and machine operation training, and follow up on your

usage regularly. 24 hours to provide fast service.

Large-scale production is the cornerstone of development

    With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy in the past ten years, we have kept pace with the development. At present,

Shanghai Force Production Base is located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. It has provided reliable guarantee for the

production of high-quality products by Shanghai Force.

Our mission
   Constantly innovate, vigorously develop, and create a higher technology engraving and cutting machine!