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1銆丄fter-sales service
      The company's technical staff is responsible for on-site installation services, and the machine tool will 

be freefor one year from the date of purchase. Outside the warranty period, the company will continue to 

provide customers with paid service maintenance and lifetime maintenance services.

Fault Contact: The customer must clearly state in writing the machine failure status, unit name, address, 

telephone number, contact person, and fax it to the company to facilitate our technical personnel to 

determine -澳门威尼斯mj电子游戏下载the cause of the fault and determine what kind of parts need to bring home Maintenance to 

prevent the machine from repairing due to no spare parts. -威尼斯人娱乐官网

Home repair time commitment: The technicians will be sent to the door within 24 hours after receiving 

the fax record. Technical Advisory Telephone: 021-64422270

The company can do long-term annual inspection for customers, regular maintenance services and 

on-site service within 24 hours, pricing or negotiable negotiation.

2銆乀he buyers and sellers fulfill the terms of responsibility for the use of machine tools and maintenance 


The customer can notify the company at any time during the use of the machine tool, and the company 

will be responsible for dispatching technicians to visit the door. In the course of normal use, customers 

have problems with machine failures. The company is responsible for the free maintenance service within 

the next year from the date of purchase. However, any replacement parts need to be paid by the customer, 

and various accessories arecharged at a reasonable price. (Damaged parts that have been damaged within 

three months are checked by technicians for quality problems and can be replaced by the company at no 


The customer used other company's programming software to change the failure problem of the machine's 

control system. When our technicians came to the site for maintenance, they were charged according to the

company's paid service standards. The company is not responsible for the free warranty.In order to ensure 

the normal operation of the machine tool, the customer must select a qualified machine operator and perform 

regular maintenance on the machine tool. If the customer does not have a qualified operator, training is 

required. The company or the manufacturer can be contacted. The company will provide technical training 

services to customers and the price will be excellent.

Due to the operator's violation of the operating procedures, the machine tool malfunctions or the 

operator's personal technical problems may cause the machine tool to fail to operate normally, and the 

company is required to send people to the site for maintenance or service on the grounds of bad machine 

tools. The normal maintenance will be charged at 300 yuan/time. (High-speed regional road fare charges, 

serious damage will be discussed separately).After the warranty period, charges will be based on the location 

of the location. After receiving the customer's fault fax, the company's technical personnel will reply to the 

fax quotation. After the customer agrees with the company's quotation signature and confirms the return, 

the company will send a person to provide repairs. After the maintenance of the machine is completed 

and confirmed by the relevant personnel of the customer, the customer must immediately pay the relevant-新威尼斯误乐城

maintenance cost.

The self-provided technical staff is to enable customers to use the machine in a timely manner at the time 

of purchase, and to receive timely after-sales service in the future. During the commissioning of the machine 

tool, the company's technical staff will detail the use of the machine tool, maintenance and use of precautions. 

Customer operators must follow the procedures.
     The company鈥檚 technical staff will provide customers with a true attitude. If the customer has any opinion 

on the company or is unsatisfied with the service attitude of the technicians and arbitrary charges, please 

feel free to -38238a.comcall us for complaint so that we can better serve you.

3銆乀he following failure is not covered by the warranty
     All the normal wear and tear of the machine leads to abnormalities in the conveying part, the replacement of 

wearing parts such as guide pulleys and bearings, and the problems of precision and finish caused by 

improper operation, as well as man-made or force majeure (such as lightning strikes, inadvertent operation 

causing leakage of the machine tool, etc., causing leakage of the machine tool, etc. ) The resulting machine 

tool failure. The above failure to repair is paid maintenance.