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1銆?the environment must meet the computer's work requirements.
2銆?the operating voltage must be between 210V-230V, if the voltage is not required, you must use a power 

supply.Because there are many problems in the quality of regulated power supply on the market, the regulated 

power supply used must be approved by the original company or its authorized agent (power above 2000W, 

and the general weight  should be over 15kg).

3銆?The power supply must have a good ground (must have a ground wire), otherwise it will be well connected to 

the grounded conductor (such as: water pipes, heating pipes, metal doors, their own installed ground, etc.)

4銆?must pay attention to safety when operating; engraving machine is a mechanical processing equipment, 

should -澳门威尼斯vns5533be operated according to the operating requirements of the machine, can not wear gloves, can not 

contact the engraving machine belongs to a more professional equipment, if there is failure, timely contact with 

the dealer, only Under the -澳门威尼斯人信誉网circumstances of obtaining the dealer's permission, the professional can be repaired.

5銆?pay attention to maintenance: In the use of the process must strengthen the maintenance of the engraving 

machine in order to maximize the service life of the engraving machine. After each use of the engraving machine, 

we must pay attention to clean the engraving machine, add oil on the rails, so as to avoid environmental 

corrosion of the machine, because the original force engraving machine uses a self-lubricating wear-resistant 

screw, so in use only It takes a quarter to add lubricant.-威尼斯人网上赌场

6銆?The use of spindle motor: The engraver's engraving motor has a warranty of six months. The engraving 

motor we use is a frequency conversion water-cooled motor with a high value, so we must pay attention to the 

correct use of the motor. The speed of the motor is inversely proportional to its life. When the motor is running,

be sure to ensure the water circulation, and add appropriate amount of preservatives. When using the motor,

pay attention to the parameters provided in the reference manual to select.

7銆?Spindle motor protection: If the engraving motor stalls or the motor rotates unevenly, please cut off the 

power immediately and contact your dealer for repair. If the motor cannot be energized while the motor is 

sped, the motor's meridian will burn off immediately. Please pay attention when using the motor.

8銆?the protection of the card head: the motor chuck and the tool is by the friction of the metal, so the

installation tool refueling, to prevent prolonged disassembly or coolant corrosion caused by the removal of 


9銆?can not add coolant when cutting: When using a knife to cut (refer to wood, plexiglass, snow floating board, 

etc.), add coolant will seriously affect the cutting chip discharge and cause the tool to break.

10銆乸ower protection: repeat the boot interval of not less than 30 seconds.
11銆丗an maintenance: Clean the fan dust
12銆乼he driver protection: power can not be forced to move X, Y, Z three-axis position.
13銆乼he protection of the driver card: keep the computer inside the chassis clean, the card must be tight.

Training requirements
1銆?Theoretical Basis: Training must begin with theoretical training. Operators must perform practical training 

under the conditions of theoretical assessment. If theoretical training is not passed, operation training must not

be conducted.

2銆?the use of tools: after theoretical training, tool training must be carried out. Operators must be clear about 

the speed of common tools, engraving motor speeds, travel speeds, precautions, etc. Operators must be familiar

with the application of the tool.

3銆?the scope of application of materials: operators must be familiar with the range of applications of various 

materials, familiar with different materials, different thicknesses, different sizes of finished products. Be familiar 

with the different engraving methods for different materials.

4銆?Operation of various software: Software training can be conducted after passing the above training. The 

training of software is mainly focused on the field of user applications; for users who do not need it, they can 

learn from the training manual. The software requirements are: various types of software layout, various

operations, the generation of paths, and the ability to quickly find the path of errors.

5銆?machine operation training: after the above various training, after the training staff's explanation and 

operation personnel's understanding assessment: the operator's operation safety and operation precautions 

training, by the trained personnel in the operation safety intention matter After signing the approval, the 

operator can carry out machine operation training.

6銆乪ngraving machine operation of various precautions and engraving machine maintenance training.